Horse: The Worst Thing To Do With A Horse

Horse The Worst Thing To Do


Yes, sadly, nothing.

The Worst Thing To Do With A Horse
The Worst Thing To Do With A Horse

How can nothing be the worst thing?

Even if we always just wanted to look out the window and see a horse, let’s think about our horse for a minute.

What if your life partner hooked up with you because you looked really nice and they wanted to have you around and occasionally stroke your hair?

You would provide something to look at and occasionally stroke and they would provide food, water, shelter. That’s it. How would that be? Is that what we really had in mind for a marriage or relationship? Would that be fulfilling?

Another way we might look at it: What if someone wanted to have a child but didn’t want to mother.

Why Is Nothing The Worst Thing To Do With A Horse?

Horses are life-long learners. People are life-long learners. Learning keeps us young, feeling vibrant, and keeps us forever interested – and interesting!

Imagine a young child in class raising their hand all excited: Pick me, I know the answer! We don’t want to knock that out of them like many schools and classmates do.

But if our approach is one of home schooling our bright loved one, think of how much fun it can be for both of us. We create and develop shared experiences that last a lifetime.

Surprisingly, horses are like that, too, they can be very eager learners.

You are invited to consider this in order to examine whether things are going as well as they could be or as well as you’d like with your horse. But this holds true with other relationships, too. At its best, life is a wonderful shared experience.

When this type of transformation occurs, things can become much better than we can possibly imagine from our current vantage point.

Is doing nothing really the worst thing we can do with our horse?

It can be argued that a worse thing would be for us or our horse to get hurt. While this is certainly true, the fewer good interactions we have with our horse, the higher the chance of this happening.

What are our Horse Dreams and how do we honor them and ourselves to get the most out of life for ourselves and our magnificent partner. There are a million things we can do with our horse – begin with one.

Horses Forever!

Pat Moses
30+ years supporting horse Lovers
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