About Horse Training And Why Our Horse Needs It

Horse Training and How To Get The Horse Behavior You Want

After over 30 years of experience with horses, I’ve seen just about every horse training mistake you can make or made them myself.

Horse Training - 3 Horses Standing Nicely
Horse Training To Get Good Horse Behavior

It turns out that experience counts in a lot of ways.

Experience – good or bad, ours or someone else’s – is a great teacher. We need more and more experience to be good at what we do. Fortunately for us humans, we do not have to figure out every single thing for ourselves. We can learn from what other horse training people before us have already figured out.

If we can learn from the experience of others so that we don’t have to experience everything ourselves, we can take some big shortcuts and avoid a lot of common problems.

Horse-Solutions is all about finding and taking those horse training shortcuts that lead to the kind of horse behavior we want.

Horses can and do learn from each other, too, but they can’t sit down and read something or watch a video like we can. Horses are very smart – fortunately we are smarter. We need that advantage because horses are bigger, stronger, and faster than the fastest human.

Horses are so smart that a lot of them have figured out how to do horse training on us! They have trained us to do things the way they want. But we have to do horse training that causes things to be the way that we want.

We can find shortcuts by learning mindsets, methods, and techniques that give us the edge. We will actually learn how to be bigger, stronger, and faster than our horse. Yes, it’s true – and horses respect this. (But don’t worry, we can be strong and still be kind, gentle, loving, and caring.)

So What Is Horse Training?

It is getting and keeping things the way we want them, while taking into consideration the nature of the horse. It is not much different than child training, spouse training, employee training, friend training. It’s letting others know how they are expected to behave with us under different circumstances.

We cannot allow our horses to become juvenile delinquents!  They’re just too big and strong and uneducated about our world to be calling the shots. That’s why you will hear the words horse behavior used here a lot. We are horse training to get good horse behavior.

But here’s the problem – With so much information available today, we face having to sift through many thousands of pages or videos to find the exact information we need when we need it.

Your Horse Training Guide

I hope you will allow me to be your guide through the vast and sometimes puzzling world of horses, horse training, and horse behavior. Once we get things going in the right direction, everything just keeps getting better.

Horses Forever!

Pat Moses
30+years of supporting horse lovers
P.S. If you feel you just want more answers right now, feel free to email Pat@Horse-Solutions.com, Subject: Set Up Free 15-Minute Phone Call.