Horse Irresolution! Avoid New Year’s Resolutions

Horse Irresolution!

Why to avoid New Year’s Resolutions and, instead, practice Horse Irresolution.

Horse In SnowHere’s the plain and simple truth: New Year’s Resolutions don’t work.

They don’t work, and yet it’s easy to make them and then think less of ourselves because we may not have known that they don’t work!

Play a game this year. If someone tells you about their New Year’s Resolution, listen and smile and nod and encourage them. Then three weeks later, casually check in and ask how it’s going.

If they are doing it, great! Check back in after three more weeks, and over 92% of people will have a giant list of reasons why they didn’t, couldn’t, and even shouldn’t do it. Why something else or someone else got in their way. How they’ll do it when they feel better or the weather gets better. This becomes a never-ending list of excuses where the person justifies not doing what they said they wanted to do.

And here’s the really rough part, because this is not meant to poke fun. As we all know, it’s actually no fun at all. It can be very painful at a deep level when we feel we are not getting what we want and need or when we feel we are not living up to expectations.

Wanting Something Is A Good Thing

When we want something, it’s a good thing. That means that we see a different and better future as being possible for us. Possibilities are very exhilarating and enlivening. Possibilities can inspire us. Wanting something more that is meaningful is part of the excitement of life.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Avoid All New Year’s Resolutions and Think of It As Your Horse Irresolution!

So it’s not that we don’t want new and meaningful things in our life. It’s that we refuse to put ourselves in the position of failing at New Year’s Resolutions, which the statistics say is pretty much inevitable. Just don’t do it. Enjoy yourself and your loved ones and the holidays. Preserve your dreams and desires and hold the picture of new possibilities. Enjoy your dreams as if they were here today.

Then one day they may just show up in your life. Or you may decide to do something. But it won’t be because of a New Year’s Resolution. You’ll change when it feels right, or maybe learn to love and delight in what you have. There are many ways we can get we want and still be very kind to ourselves.

Horses Forever!

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