Horse Behavior Expected Is Not Happening!

Not Getting the Horse Behavior Expected? Here may be why.

In the beginning, there was a dream. The dream was of us and our horse. Our magnificent friend, our fellow adventurer. We would love and protect each other. We would do all sorts of things together. Oh the dreams and expectations. In reality, we now feel that we are not getting the horse behavior expected.

Why is that, we wonder, and what went wrong? Why does it seem so hard to change? This is not what I wanted!

We wish it were another way, and the good news is it can be different. Definitely.

Our horse will change faster than we can possibly imagine when we change.

In all areas of life the easiest thing to change is ourselves. It is also the hardest thing to change due to habits, beliefs, and values. But that still doesn’t mean it isn’t really easy to change ourselves or that we shouldn’t do it.

Not Getting The Horse Behavior Expected?
Not Getting The Horse Behavior Expected? Here May Be Why.

So our horse is not what we expected?

I can promise you that you are not what your horse expected.

Your horse expected to be in a herd of horses who all think and act alike and who watch out for the safety of the herd as a top priority.

Horses are tremendously athletic, highly aware of their surroundings and any change in their surroundings (in the sense of life or death).

What About Us?

Are we tremendously athletic? Are we highly aware of our surroundings, or do we just think we have everything figured out? Do we recognize our horse’s herd hierarchy and its importance?  Are we able to realize that our horse may not have the needed horse society in our world? Do we get that we are intelligent, reasoning beings, while they are smart, reactive beings? Are we able to understand that while humans, dogs, and cats are all predator species, horses are a prey species?

We’re looking for a friend, and they see a predator. We have some convincing to do.

If we think of it in a slightly different way: What if we were tied up, forced into a vehicle, and wound up in a place where everyone looked strange and we couldn’t understand any of their language. This is the situation horses find themselves in all the time, but we can change that.

Change By Educating

We can change that by educating ourselves about what our horse needs. It’s different than what we may think. We need to treat them like a horse, and teach and care for them like their mother did. Teach them that they are a member of our herd and that we are the herd leader. Most importantly, we need to teach them how to behave and how to survive in our world, and then they can learn to thrive!

For more reasons why we may not be getting the horse behavior expected, you can check out: Different Horse Behavior? Why The Difference?

If this is helping you to understand some things, then you will just need to learn some horse language, which is body language, and teach some things to your horse.

One of these days you will say: This is not what I expected, this is way better than I ever imagined.

There will be lots more on this topic as we go along, but for more now, you may also enjoy: About Horse Training and Why Our Horse Needs It.

Horses Forever!
Pat Moses
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