Different Horse Behavior? Why The Difference?

Different Horse Behavior?

Different Horse Behavior? Why?
Different Horse Behavior? Why This Horse May Not Be Like Our Other Horse

Why this horse is not like our other horse.

In the beginning, there was a dream. The dream was of us and our horse. Our magnificent friend, our fellow adventurer. We would love and protect each other. We would do all sorts of things together. Oh the dreams and expectations.

In reality, we now feel that our horse just seems so different from what we are used to. We expected different horse behavior.  What went wrong? Why does it seem so hard to change? This is not going the way I want!

We wish it were another way. The good news is it can be different. Definitely.

Our horse will change faster than we can possibly imagine.

In all areas of life the easiest thing to change is ourselves. It is also the hardest thing to change due to habits, beliefs, and values. But that still doesn’t mean it isn’t really easy to change ourselves or that we shouldn’t do it.

Now we have a second horse and things are not going the same as with our first horse or the horses that were in our lives earlier.

Why We Get Different Horse Behavior

It is extremely common thinking to believe that horses know some things innately. The fact is, previous horses were taught everything they know about our human world by us or another human. We forget or are unaware of how much our previous horse learned and now we have a horse that doesn’t know all those things. They may know some good things, they may know some not so good things, but their education may be incomplete and we are unaware of this.

We wouldn’t send our 6 year old child to 3rd grade and then to 8th grade, then 12th, and expect them to function in the world. Most horses get no education at all because we somehow think they just know things – things that someone actually needs to teach them.

On top of the lack of education problem, every horse is different. Horses are like people in that we all have different personalities. Your new horse may have a different or very different personality from the horse or horses you had before. We can learn strategies to interact with the different horse personalities just like we do with different humans. In that way, we can learn quickly how to successfully interact with our new horse.

Tip: Most issues will be solved with education.

Take the time to give them their education. This is the beautiful journey of horse and human together that we always wanted, anyway. Horses are life-long learners and so are we. Learning keeps us young, vital, interested, and interesting! There is no limit to what we can do and where we can go with our horse, as long as we don’t skip grades.

There will be lots more on this topic as we go along. For more now, you can check out: About Horse Training And Why Our Horse Needs It and Horse Attitude Adjustment – Horses Are Different.

Horses Forever!

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