Dangerous Horse Help. Get Good Horse Behavior

Dangerous horse? How did we go from our dream of us and our horse being great friends and doing things together, to this!

We had dreams and expectations, now we feel we are in a dangerous horse situation.

We wish it were another way. The good news is it can be different. Definitely. Our horse will change faster than we can possibly imagine when we change.

In all areas of life the easiest thing to change is ourselves. It is also the hardest thing to change due to our habits, beliefs, and values. But that still doesn’t mean it isn’t really easy to change ourselves or that we shouldn’t do it.

At all times with horses, but especially when our horse is dangerous, we have to be very careful. We don’t want anyone to get injured or killed.  Please, please don’t forget that this is how serious a dangerous horse situation can be.

Other potential losses are loss of our confidence, loss of hope, and loss of our dream and passion.

Please do not let things go this far. Get Help.

If we or the horse or one of our loved ones gets hurt, it can mean the end of all things ‘horse’ in our life. This is definitely somewhere we do not want to go! Take precautions and if you are in over your head, get proper professional help quickly.

I do believe that most situations are fixable.

The goal is to get you over stumbling blocks as quickly as possible so you can continue on with your horse and have good horse behavior. If our horse feels dangerous, we must stop and get help.

Why Are Horses So Dangerous?

First of all, horses are bigger and stronger and faster than any human.

Dangerous Horse Fighting
Dangerous Horse Fighting. We don’t want this anywhere near us.

They are used to dealing with other horses who are more or less equal in size, speed, strength, and shape. They determine leadership with each other and it is very important to them.

I think we humans have trouble fully understanding how much horses need a leader. When they don’t feel we are the leader, then they have to lead because they feel their survival depends on it. Horses worry about their survival every day. They don’t know that we got rid of the large predators in our environment. They are constantly alert and expecting them to jump out of the trees and bushes. It makes them nervous and worried. A leaf flutters and they are often hyper-aware, but we often are unaware of their concerns. Their fast reaction time can catch us off guard. Believing they have a good leader makes them much more secure and safe to be around.

Their dangerous horse behavior can shock us when they go into survival mode. Horses live in the exact present moment and they worry about their survival. We tend to feel we know what is going on, so we are often unaware. Horses really notice this.

When our horse is in the situation of feeling they have to be the leader, they are not happy. The same way that a child knows deep down that they are wrong when they try to lead the household.

Leadership is an awesome responsibility, but we have to prove to them that we are the leader, we are aware, and “we’ve got this.”

If you are afraid, but you really believe in your heart that can get through it, here are some ideas on what to do.

First, be sure to check out The Golden Rule of Horse Safety to find out how to be as safe as possible with your horse. Nothing good comes from us or our horse getting hurt.

Then check out the very probable culprit causing the problems you are experiencing: Overfeeding Causes Horse Behavior Problems.

Then check out: Horse Behavior Problems – How To Avoid Them, Horse Behavior Expected Is Not Happening!, and Horse Attitude Adjustment – How Horses Are Different. I know it’s a lot of reading, but you are up against it. Look around here for other articles that apply, too.

Horses Are Pattern Animals

Remember that horses are pattern animals.  Whatever they did that gets them a benefit, they will do again. In this way, you can prepare for what will, undoubtedly, happen. If they have done it 2 times and they got any benefit from it, they will do it a third. If they have done it 3 times, it is now a habit.

Most horses only have a couple or so problems. If we can deal with them by interrupting the pattern or causing the thing they are doing to seem like a bad idea in their own mind, we may be able to handle the situations that come up.

Dangerous Horse Safety

The most important thing is to be a safe distance away from your horse.  Have enough space around and between you and your horse to help equalize reaction times.  Remember, horses are fast and we need everyone to stay safe.  I repeat, the worst thing is for someone or something to get hurt. Please avoid this. Use a longer rope if you have the skill.

If you decide you don’t have the skill, seek proper help right away. Don’t put yourself, your loved ones, or your horse in a bad position. Get proper help and learn how to change your behavior with your horse.

When we can change, that is when our horse can change.

Many problems may be able to be solved by a few good tips. This may be possible to do through phone or video coaching.

In almost all instances things can be worked out – as long as no one gets injured.

Seek out help and it may lead to a whole new and amazing chapter in your life. That is my sincerest wish for you and your horse.

Horses Forever!

Pat Moses
30+ Years of Supporting Horse Lovers
P.S. If you want answers for your specific situation, email Pat@Horse-Solutions.com, Subject: Set Up Free 15-Minute Phone Call.

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