The Best Horse – How To Get The Best Horse

The Best Horse is the horse that knows what we want to do and wants to do it with us.

While certain horses or breeds may be better mentally, emotionally, or physically for what we want to do, here’s the simple yet surprising truth:

More on How To Get The Best Horse - About Horse Training
More On How To Get The Best Horse

We can’t find the best horse.

We can’t buy the best horse.

Why? Because we CREATE the best horse.

We do this by teaching them how to behave, what we want them to know, and what we want them to do.

Horses have little chance of thriving in our human world without learning some things.

Why Horse Training is really Horse Teaching

Isn’t it odd when you think about it? Why is it that we and our children need at least 12 years of school and our horses need zero. The normal training time of 30 to 60 days is basically zero, unless you do it yourself and then you both just keep going and growing happily from there. If you do it yourself, you’ll end up with something very valuable and something you both will be proud of.

With the exception of teaching a horse to be ridden and go under saddle (which are usually best done by someone kind, competent, and very experienced), if you teach your horse yourself, you will have something both you and your horse will benefit from greatly – and forever! Then you both just keep improving happily from there.

Learning can be fun, though that may not have been our experience in school. We can change things right now so that it is fun for both us and our horse.

Learning keeps us young, vibrant, excited, and exciting! Our life and the lives of our loved ones benefit so much when we feel happy and fulfilled.

Another way to think about this is: We can become the best teacher by knowing what to teach our horse and how to teach them. Like home schooling – both student and teacher get smarter and the relationship grows in meaningful and unforeseen ways. If done right, both have a lot of fun and interesting times shared together. These shared experiences last a lifetime.

After all, isn’t the reason we have our horse because we want to truly enjoy them? We want to spend time and do things together with them? They really appreciate this, too.

There is this special thing we always wanted with our horse, and it’s actually pretty easy to get. Horses are smart, they can bond easily, and they are forgiving.

We are lucky that horses are smart. Fortunately, we humans are smarter! We can learn to teach our horse and then our horse will be waiting for us at the gate saying: I have the BEST HUMAN!

Horses Forever!

Pat Moses
30+ years supporting horse lovers

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